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The technological advancement in dentistry allows us to take a digital X-ray image of your entire smile directly in our office. This is extremely important. Proper diagnosis is the basis for effective treatment. In order to find the cause of the ailment and adequately perform the dental procedure, an X-ray of a single tooth, and often of the entire smile, should be taken before starting the treatment. Radiological examinations are a source of valuable information – for us dentists, digital x-rays are like blood tests for an internist.

At Smiles in Shelby, we take both intra-oral and extra-oral images. For this purpose, we use a modern digital X-ray device, obtaining precise, high-quality images of your smile. Additionally, the radiation dose to which the patient is subjected during an examination is much lower than in conventional radiology, making it a safer alternative.

Digital x-rays are practical and convenient applications in modern dentistry. We can enlarge the image freely on the computer screen, analyze the problem thoroughly, and take appropriate measurements. The image can be saved on any medium and, if applicable, easily transferred to another computer when consultation with a specialist is recommended.

Why should you take a digital X-ray at Smiles in Shelby?

All radiology necessities are performed here in our office. There is no need to go to an outpatient facility to get your x-ray images. Digital x-rays save time since we do not have to wait to develop the image on the radiological film. The radiation dose is even ninety percent lower than in the case of a traditional X-ray device.

We receive a photo of your teeth on a digital medium, which allows us to electronically archive the documents and retrieve them on other occasions.

What Are The Different Types of Digital Images?

Digital radiology has a broad spectrum of applications in dentistry. Depending on your dental problem, we can obtain various types of images that will guide the treatment process with precision and allow Smiles in Shelby to monitor any changes in your oral cavity.

Panoramic images
The panoramic image shows the condition of the entire dentition with the jaw joints (TMJ) and maxillary sinuses in one shot. Among other things, we can learn what your teeth’ condition is and whether they have been attacked by caries in places invisible to the naked eye. We can determine the quality and condition of previously applied fillings and root canal treatments. The panoramic image also shows if there are any inflammatory changes in the bones around your teeth.

Panoramic images are often taken before starting an orthodontic treatment because it allows us to assess the condition of all teeth and their mutual position. They can also serve as preventative measures and enable full diagnostics and detect problems before any symptoms appear.

Panoramic images are taken externally, and they are entirely non-invasive and much better tolerated in patients with strong gag reflexes. Your doctor will instruct you to rest your chin on the support, and the sensor will rotate around your head. All metal elements from the head and neck areas, such as earrings and dentures, should be removed for the duration of the examination.

Cephalometric projections
A cephalometric image is a side shot that includes the front facial part of the skull with the teeth. It allows us to visualize the arrangement of the lower and upper teeth towards each other as well as the facial profile. Cephalometric projection is especially useful when planning methods and stages of orthodontic treatment.

Bitewing X-ray
Bitewing image is taken to identify the presence and position of invisible teeth in the oral cavity, malocclusion, foreign body, changes in the mouth, or the assessment of the lower and upper jaws. If you experienced fractures, a bitewing x-ray helps us determine the displacement of the fragments. The technique is also helpful in establishing the right fit of dental crowns and restorations.

Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT)
Traditional dental x-rays capture an image of hard tissue, such as bone and teeth, in only two dimensions (2D or flat). In comparison, CBCT can record these anatomical structures in three dimensions with less distortion, greater clarity, and unlimited perspectives on areas of interest. The data allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the correct treatment.

X-rays are used for medical evaluation because of their unique ability to penetrate body tissues. Newer machines generate fewer x-rays and use digital sensors to capture images on computer screens that can be viewed immediately, making x-ray film redundant.

CBCT, available in the US since 2001, uses X-ray equipment that rotates around the patient’s head and takes multiple images (150 to 599 different shots) that are digitally compiled into 3D radiographic images. Scanning time ranges from 5 to 40 seconds. Cone imaging provides as many images as needed to create an accurate 3D representation of the area of interest. When a patient is given a traditional series of x-rays of full dentition, the information gathered is limited by a flat 2D image, and some distortions still occur. The data from the areas scanned with CBCT is digitized and can be used to create multiple images, depending on what we want to see and examine.

Utilizing digital radiography is not exclusive to dental treatments. When you come for your semi-annual check-up, ask us about digital x-rays. We implement this practice to rule out dental issues that are asymptomatic or cannot be otherwise noticed. Take advantage of the innovative techniques offered at Smiles in Shelby so you can enjoy a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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Our digital x-rays and impressions are designed for our patients’ comfort.



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