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A dental emergency is a type of medical care available in urgent situations. Most patients decide to utilize dental emergency services when a sudden severe toothache becomes unbearable, does not decrease with medication, and hinders normal functioning. Dental emergency services are available at Smiles in Shelby, and since many people are still unaware of what constitutes an emergency, follow our guidelines, so you’ll know what to do when the problem comes. Keep in mind that the best way to prevent unfortunate emergencies is to maintain regular dental check-ups and establish adequate oral hygiene. Postponing treatment, when tooth decay is in its early stages, can lead to severe health problems or even tooth loss.

Emergencies Cannot Wait!

Although many dental treatments can wait over the weekend or can be postponed a few days, certain situations may arise that require immediate dentist’s attention. When the time comes, it’s important to follow the essential steps to minimize the pain or discomfort, save your knocked-out tooth, reduce the risk of infection, and get in touch with your emergency dental care in Shelby Township, MI. With that being said, let’s determine what may be considered a dental emergency and what steps should be taken to avoid further damage to your oral health.

Just like all severe health problems, dental emergencies can be life-threatening. Excessive uncontrolled bleeding, dental soft tissue under the attack of bacterial infection, or trauma to facial bones can all jeopardize your health and obstruct your airway. Dental emergencies that require immediate attention include:

Displaced or Fractured Tooth

A tooth fracture or its complete loss can occur due to injury, accidents, or even after a procedure, such as endodontic therapy. It’s essential to protect your teeth by wearing a customized mouth guard if you engage in contact sports, such as football, soccer, or martial arts.

When you experience a tooth loss due to an accident, make sure to preserve the tooth by creating optimal moist conditions. Pick up your lost tooth by its crown without touching the root, rinse with water, and carefully insert it back into your socket. Other methods include placing your tooth between your cheek and gums, in a glass of milk, or utilizing a specialized tooth preservation product. When all the vital steps are taken, call our after-hours answering service for further instructions. The same principle applies to your child’s knocked-out permanent or baby teeth. Avoid placing your child’s tooth inside their mouth, and preferably keep it moist at all times, implementing other tooth-preserving techniques. A tooth is a choking hazard for young patients. Saving your tooth requires immediate action, so do not hesitate to contact our office right away.

A cracked tooth is not only a cosmetic defect. Many times, the fracture can directly impact your jawbones and soft tissues. If you break your tooth, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and place a cold compress on your face to minimize or prevent swelling. If you experience substantial pain related to the injury, contact Smiles in Shelby as this can be a sign of further damage that requires immediate attention.

Unbearable Pain or Toothache

The human tooth is covered with enamel – a thin layer of hard tissue, resistant to crushing. Its function is to protect the internal structure of the tooth, that is, the richly innervated and vascularized pulp. Toothache arises in response to irritation of sensory receptors by mechanical pain stimuli (trauma, tooth extraction, tooth eruption), thermal activity (hypersensitivity to hot and cold), and pathophysiological causes (bacterial infections and inflammations). Dental treatment consists of cleaning and filling cavities, root canal treatment, antibiotic therapy, using painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents, or tooth extraction. Taking an X-ray image of the oral cavity is helpful in making a correct diagnosis. But what if a sudden intolerable pain comes in the middle of the night and nothing seems to help?

If the use of pain killers, such as Ibuprofen, do not reduce the pain and your suffering persists, it might be an indication for an emergency dental visit. Avoid placing crushed aspirin on your tooth or gums, as it can damage the gum tissue and your tooth’s enamel.

Oral Infection

Oral infections may be categorized as a dental emergency or not. Depending on the symptoms and noticeable changes in your mouth, your dentist can qualify the condition as an urgent case requiring immediate attention. In addition, certain underlying diseases can cause further complications and worsen the spread of infection.

If you experience fever, difficulty breathing, or swallowing, you unquestionably need to seek medical attention, as it can indicate Ludwig’s Angina. The condition is an infection of the soft tissues of the mouth’s floor and the front of your neck. Most often, it is caused by infections originating from molars, and its primary risk factors include oral hygiene negligence and recent dental procedures. Ludwig’s Angina is most common in immunosuppressed patients – the elderly, patients undergoing steroid therapy, or those with underlying conditions, such as diabetes. You may experience pain and swelling in the neck, often accompanied by fever and sepsis symptoms. As the infection worsens, the mouth floor becomes swollen, resulting in a raised tongue, muffled speech, and difficulty breathing. In its most dramatic form, stridor or drooling may occur. Catching the early signs of troublesome infections can prevent its spread to other parts of the body, avoid extensive medical treatment, or even save your life.

Regardless of whether you are an established patient in our clinic or not, we are ready to serve you with your dental emergencies and provide immediate comfort to end your suffering today. If you are in the Shelby Township, Michigan area, and you are potentially experiencing a dental emergency, call us at (586) 677-2828. Our team members are ready to assist you with your dental needs.

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