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At Smile Shelby, we understand that each of us dreams of a beautiful, radiant smile and excellent oral health. Unfortunately, we do not always follow the guidelines for oral hygiene and the health of our teeth. The consequence is inflammation in the teeth and cavities that must be treated on the dental chair. Sometimes the dentist has to perform root canal treatment. It is commonly associated with pain and significant discomfort, but fear not! Endodontic therapy doesn’t have to hurt! Let’s remember that it is worth fighting for each tooth to enjoy a full and healthy smile.

Neglected and untreated tooth decay is a big problem. The condition can lead to irreversible inflammation of the tooth pulp. The consequence is the need for root canal treatment in a dentist’s office. Most of us delay it until the last moment because of the fear of toothache after the procedure or the journey itself. If performed under local anesthesia, endodontic therapy is virtually painless.

Are you wondering how long root canal treatment takes? The answer is quite optimistic because it doesn’t last as long as it used to. You will spend an average of 1 to 3 hours in the dentist’s chair. What exactly is endodontic treatment, and when should it be performed?

Root Canal Treatment – Better Than a Tooth Extraction

Many people neglect oral hygiene and dental care (not using a proper toothbrush, for instance), which leads to the necessity to undergo dental therapy. Endodontic treatment is a procedure that we should not delay. Some people would rather have a tooth removed to avoid pain and fear associated with the entire treatment process. However, it is not a good idea. Teeth play an essential role in the human body, and it is worth saving them at all costs. Unnecessary tooth extractions can:

  • deform the patient’s face,
  • lead to malocclusion,
  • make it difficult to eat some meals,
  • can lead to digestive disorders when proper food chewing is inhibited,
  • Reduce aesthetics and can become a source of insecurities.

Side effects of tooth extraction are much more challenging to hide, heal, or eliminate than the root canal treatment itself. Endodontic therapy should be performed as soon as the first signs of the problem appear. Fortunately, modern root canal treatment is not as arduous as it used to be. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the severity of your condition, but it is still a much lower expense than the possible insertion of an implant in place of a removed tooth. Undoubtedly, investing in a root canal will benefit you in the long run.

Root Canal Treatment – When Should It Be Performed?

Carious lesions that are not treated in a timely manner will penetrate deeper and deeper tooth structures. The disease first attacks the dentin and then reaches the pulp of the tooth. At this stage, a toothache is usually very severe. It is mainly characterized by:

  • various duration – from several minutes to even several hours,
  • Intensified when eating,
  • getting worse when drinking hot or cold drinks,
  • increasing the intensity when changing the position of the body.

At this stage, we should get treatment. Failure to do so will result in pulp necrosis, followed by periodontitis. Caries slowly destroys the tip of the tooth, and the pain becomes stronger, even when we lightly touch the tooth with our tongue. Finally, periostitis develops, and submucosal abscess forms – the bacteria penetrate the soft tissue around the tooth, and pus begins to accumulate in it. The pain becomes unbearable, and most often, we have to get rid of the decayed tooth completely.

Root Canal Treatment – What To Expect During The Procedure?

Before undergoing a root canal treatment, it is necessary to take an X-ray image – it will allow the doctor to accurately assess the condition of the sick tooth. Currently, root canal treatment can be performed immediately and often during one visit. And above all – painlessly. During root canal treatment, local anesthesia is administered. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel any discomfort or toothache during or after endodontic therapy.

Treatment is often performed using a microscope. This allows the problematic tooth to be thoroughly cleaned of bacterial tissue remains. After the channels have been thoroughly cleaned, they are dried and closed. For this purpose, dentists use gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a material of natural origin. It is also biocompatible – that is, fully tolerated by the human body. The heated substance is easy to form to fill its intended place of air bubbles.

The procedure itself is safe. Virtually everyone can undergo root canal treatment, with the exception of people suffering from hemophilia, endocarditis, and some rheumatic diseases. Pregnant women should also consult their attending physician. For most people, however, root canal treatment is entirely safe and – most importantly – it gives a great chance to save a sick tooth.

Root Canal Treatment at Smile Shelby

At Smile Shelby, we have a qualified team of experts who will help you treat your teeth professionally and painlessly. We specialize in the stress-free treatment and use modern methods of anesthesia. We have state-of-the-art equipment that enables accurate diagnostics (digital x-rays of teeth) and the preparation of canals under the microscope. If you are looking for trustworthy specialists and a patient-friendly place – we invite you to visit our clinic.

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Our digital x-rays and impressions are designed for our patients’ comfort.



Dental care is affordable with our interest-free financing options.



Our digital scans eliminate unpleasant, goopy impression material while increasing accuracy.



We respect your time, and we offer same-day crowns and other treatments.



Your records are safe at our digital, paperless and eco-friendly dental office.



Friday evening and Saturday appointments are available because we care about convenience.

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