Dental Tips for the College Bound Student

Dental Care Tips for College Bound Teens

You and your high school graduate have worked very hard for last 4 years and next week it will come to a glorious finale. We understand how proud you are of this moment. After the celebrations are done, its time to get ready for college and we are here to help.

Throughout summer we have made room in our schedule so when you call to make an appointment for your college bound teen, you will not have wait to get them in.

Here is what you need to know about dental care of your college bound graduate to avoid any dental problems during those all important college years:

  • Wisdom teeth check up: Between the age of 17 and 25, wisdom teeth issue start to surface and can be very painful. When your teen is away from home, it can be quite challenging for you and them to manage care for wisdom teeth issues. We highly recommend that you bring in your teen for a consultation with our oral surgeon and avoid any future problems.
  • Routine cleaning and exam: Staying away from home, working hard in college can take a toll on healthy eating habits and also has a negative effect on your teeth. Give you teen a clean start to the college with scheduling routine cleaning and exam before heading to college and at least every summer hereafter.
  • Bleaching: Want to give your college bound teen extra sparkle in their smile? Our in office bleaching is quick and gives great results in just one sitting. You can simply combine this with your routine cleaning.

So call us now at (586) 677-2828 and book your college bound teens appointment. Give them a confident start to exciting college years and give yourself peace of mind. You can also comment here and we will reach out to you for an appointment.

You never know, there may be a surprise in store for them or you!

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