How Many Years To Become A Dentist

Becoming a dentist is in most cases the biggest goal for many young adults. Dentistry is a coveted profession that many students give a go at but not all succeed. It is because the students, despite having the passion and will, do not know just what it takes to be a dentist.

To enter a profession you must know exactly what you will have to study and for how long. To become a dentist you must know what course of education you must follow and from when you should start preparing. The sooner you find out about the details the better it is. To make it easy for you, we have mentioned all the details you could possibly need to know.

Let’s begin from the start:


High School Education 

High school students do not have a lot that they can do to further their dream of being a dentist but it is still a good time for you to start working on your career. People can check Westinghouse Dental dentist office if they need the best dental services. High schoolers are often not offered any courses that fall under the umbrella of dentistry. Instead, they have the option of choosing subjects like biology, chemistry, and even anatomy. Studying these subjects can help you stay in touch with the sciences that you will expand on in the upcoming years.

Other than school, you can even make efforts on your own and read through several encyclopedias and books. There are several books on introduction to dentistry that can help you get a much-needed insight into dentistry. This will also give you a heads up on all the students in your dentistry degree when you finally reach it.

High school students if able to grasp basic dentistry knowledge can also get internships from different dental clinics. This will be great for your exposure and you will have ease when applying to dentistry colleges.

College Education

Even if you go to college, you will not find a lot that you can do. Colleges do not usually offer courses that relate to dentistry. The only way to tackle that is by getting enrolled in as many science-based courses as you can. Or better yet, if you can, get enrolled in a college that has links with a dental college and you will not have to worry about getting your undergraduate degree. You can get an undergraduate degree as a dentist while being in college.

However, this can be difficult, and not many people can do this. A better practice would be to ace all your science classes so that you have a high GPA and you can get easy access to dentistry schools. Dentistry schools often have certain requirements that they expect their candidates to follow. It is your job to look for the requirements and try to fulfill them during your college years.

Most dental colleges require things such as extra credits, extracurricular activities, and even volunteering and internships. Look for internships as they count as experience and can leverage you greatly. Look for a dental clinic close to your home and drop your resume. You might not have much to write which is why a basic fact sheet about your life is more than enough.

Recommendations amount to a lot when it comes to a college education. Make sure that you ask your principal and other teachers to write you a recommendation letter.

DAT- Dental Admission Test 

The dental admission test is the first most important test in the life of an aspiring dentist. If you are hoping to get admission you must start preparing for the test so that you can give it in September as it is going to be your final year in college. It is wise to attempt your dental admission test months in advance so that the results are out when you need them to be. Do not underestimate the test as it is quite difficult and your ticket into the dentistry world.

Dentistry School Applications 

As soon as you start your final year in college you need to keep an eye on when dental school applications open and that way you can get your application in as soon as possible. To make things easier for you, use the application AADSAS. It will help you send all your applications without any hassle. To apply to different schools you must first make sure that you are able to pass your DAT with good scores.

Dental College 

To complete dental college you need approximately four years. You get into your dental college after you have completed your undergraduate degree. However, students do have the opportunity to get themselves enrolled directly in a dental program. DO your research and find an undergraduate institute to get done with your degree as soon as possible.

Further Specialization 

After completing their graduation, many students have the passion to specialize. Rush to get your specialization as soon as you complete your graduation so that you can get done with it as soon as possible.

Live-Patient Examination 

Many states expect aspiring dentists to give a live-patient examination. This examination is not a requirement nationwide therefore it is best if you read through the requirements of your own state.

NBDE- National Board Dental Examination

This is the final examination that you must give if you want to practice your dentistry degree. Without this certificate, you will not be permitted to start your practice in the United States of America.

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