What Type Of Dentist Does Implants

Dental Implants 

Did an accident leave you toothless? Or have your teeth decayed to the point of no repair? Whatever the reason may be, it can be very difficult not having a tooth. Your life gets impacted negatively, leaving you troubled. If possible, the best thing you can do is get dental implants. Many doctors suggest their students get dental implants as they can help you bring your life back to normalcy.

What exactly are dental implants? Dental implants are a treatment that gives you the opportunity to get fake implants installed in your mouth in place of the missing tooth. If you have a hole in your mouth, it will be best to get dental implants. There are several benefits that you can reap once you get dental implants. Here are a few to begin with:

When Biting 

When you bite into something but have a missing tooth, you may feel very uncomfortable and you might even lose the force. To bite into something you need a bite force. If you have a gap in your teeth you might not have a strong enough bite force. To tackle this situation it is best that you get implants. Implants will help you increase your bite force and you will be able to bite into anything without any problem whatsoever.

Prevent Deformation

When you lose teeth, your face starts drooping since you lose the structure of your face. This is probably the worst thing to happen. It is also because of that, that you lose confidence. To give your face its structure back you can get implants. That will prevent your face from deforming.

Additional Support

Teeth are called a chain of pearls and just like a chain, if you take one pearl out, the rest will break apart. Keeping that in mind, if you miss a tooth the rest will not be as sturdy as they were before. Your teeth support each other and most importantly the ones adjacent to each other. If you want to make sure that the teeth stay in place, you must get implants. Implants will give your teeth the support they need and prevent them from losing shape.

Smooth Talking 

It can be quite difficult to talk smoothly if you do not have a tooth. Not only are you conscious about the way you speak but you also tend to slur words. When you start slurring words it becomes very difficult to hold a conversation and ensure that the other person is able to understand you. If you get implants, it will be all the more easier for you to speak.

Rebuilding Of Confidence 

Having your teeth busted can take a serious jab at your self-confidence. If you want to make sure that your confidence is unhindered and you do not have to hide behind people just because of a broken tooth, get implants.

Who Can Do the Implants For You? 

By now, you must be convinced that you need implants. The question now remains, who can help you get the implants? Who can do the implants for you? There are three different types of practitioners who can help you get implants. We are going to mention all of them and what they do so that you have a clear idea as to who is the best option for you. If you’re worried about that extra holiday weight that you might have put on, then it is time to get your teeth checked, as it can dramatically increase the chances of loose gums and tooth decay.


Dentists are practitioners who give you the first dental examination. They are the ones to help you decide whether you need the implants or you’re good without them. They examine your case closely and see if you need multiple implants that or a single one would do. If you go to a medical dentist, they might have different reasons for suggesting implants as compared to a cosmetic dentist. Who is solely focused on the cosmetic effects.


Periodontists are practitioners who provide you treatment by focusing on gum health as well as the health of the bone. They are also further trained to come up with treatments considering the overall structure of the mouth. It is because of their extensive practice and training that they are considered the most competent to provide implant treatment.

There have been multiple cases where dentists have called in periodontists to get a second opinion or perhaps a more experienced opinion. This accounts for their merit of being able to perform the implant surgery.

Oral Surgeons 

Oral surgeons can perform a great many oral surgeries and that includes implants. This is most probably a routine procedure for them and you do not have to worry much if they are the ones helping you with your implants.

They are also greatly experienced in bone grafting and are called in whenever a dentist needs help with bone grafting. However, it can be considered that their expertise is a waste for a simple routine dental implant procedure.


Dental implants can positively change your life, you do not waste much time thinking about it and make the decision now. Get implants and you wouldn’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself ever again. Just choose the best professional you want and you will be good to go. Start off by going to the dentist and getting a routine checkup. See where you can go from there and you will be in good hands!

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